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Acknowledging the Majority Does Not Remove Me from the Community

So apparently the vis/ed dilemma with regard to aces having/liking sex is being rehashed again,* and I was a bit surprised to see that gray-asexuality had been brought into the conversation.  The first post to do so seems to be this one, although I’m not so good at tracking things down so correct me if I’m wrong there.

In the post, which was part of a larger discussion about the implications of the word “some” in the context of a poorly-worded asexuality presentation, “further othering/removing grey/demi folks from the community” was proposed as a con to pointing out that the vast majority of aces are sex-repulsed or celibate.  I’m just going to focus on that bullet point for now.

I don’t see what gray-asexuality has to do with this.  “The vast majority of aces are sex-repulsed and/or celibate” is a true statement.  So, what with the connection here not being readily apparent to me, I’m going to run through some possibilities.

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