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to give you an example of what I’m talking about

So due to the extenuating circumstances of I-take-choir-class-for-the-fine-arts-credit-and-choir-class-requires-occasional-group-perfomances-at-the-school-chapel, I attended chapel service today and stayed to listen to the “message,” aka their mini sermon.

The gist of it was about “clutter” and materialism and resisting it to make time for the important things in life (like God) and how “there’s this pressure to be busy, to be productive, to produce something” and the entire time I’m sitting there thinking,

Yeah.  And where does that pressure come from?  Hm?

What pushes us that direction in the first place?

Never addressed.

That’s the sort of thing I mean, you know, where it goes there but doesn’t really go there.