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I just have a question

for all those folks who post their LGBTQIA posts in the #asexual and #asexuality tags on WordPress — posts that typically have little to nothing to with asexuality specifically, like a post about gay and bisexual representation in novels, or that are about the notion of “queerness” generally, such as advertising your 1-inch pin buttons with the word “queer” in capital letters:

if this is a bid to get more views rather than a failure of the internal logic of your own blog’s tagging categorization system, then should this choice on your part be read to indicate that you fall on the “asexuality is queer” side of the asexuality-and-queerness debate?  And if you somehow or another stumbled upon that debate taking place, would you assert that belief or defend the people who do?  Would you know what you want to say to allos who police asexual people’s use of “queer” as an identity label and their access to LGBT spaces?  And then, if you saw that happening, would you actually say it?