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Re: Demigray’s Response

As people sometimes do, the demigray tumblr recently linked one of my posts here with a mixed positive/negative comment, and I am once again reminded of how annoying it is to try and reply to things across blogging platforms.

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An Exoneration of Adventure Time

Tumblr user Dragon (of thedragonandthefox) has written a response to my touch escalator post, and you should go read it.  Continue reading

Response to An Objection

Recently, the lovely Queenie quoted an excerpt of a post of mine on tumblr (!), and I happened to discover that someone has reblogged it to voice some disagreement.  See their post here.  Although that particular user might never see this response, I want to address it as best I know how, as well as open the floor for y’all to comment and tell me if/how I’ve hosed up.  For full disclosure: Lee/maizegeek is a survivor of sexual abuse.  I am not.

What follows is their commentary and my response:

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