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A couple of years ago, I wanted to get a present for another equestrian, so I decided I’d get a fragrance thing that smelled like leather (like a saddle), as kind of a joke.

Looking through Demeter’s catalog, I actually found several different leather scents to choose from — Leather, Saddle, and Riding Crop.  Nice.

I investigated them each, thinking Riding Crop would be just as appropriate as Saddle…

…and on the item page, the preview image showed a woman’s tall high-heeled boot next to the bottle, and the item description calls its name “a naughty name” for a fragrance.

The name of the fragrance is Riding Crop.  That’s it.  That’s all.


Riding crops aren’t “naughty,” though.  I know they’re associated with sexual BDSM, but riding crops aren’t inherently naughty.  That’s like saying a set of car keys is naughty.

Here I am trying to buy horse-themed gifts and y’all are making this awkward.

al. most.

Almost.  Almost.  Almost.

Almost got through through a Christian podcast* without groaning in annoyance.

Not “without encountering something I disagree with” but without making a raspy nasal sound and wanting to throw my hands up and give up.

And I was looking forward to unlocking the achievement, too.

Didn’t make the cut this time.  Again.

*or book, or whatever, but this time it was a podcast.

This time it was this episode of Theology Nerd Throwdown, which I found my way to through some blogpost or another.

[link notes, if you listen: gender binarism, Christian antisemitism; some discussion of homophobia, abuse, assorted nastiness; very churchy. VERY very churchy.]


“Persuasive power is, ultimately, what God thinks is sexy.  God thinks it’s sexy–”

Would you please cease and desist.

Okay well maybe I’ll listen just five minutes more and–

Ahhhhmmm flippant rape metaphor, nope, nope, nope.  We’re out.

No, Saturn isn’t sexy

Today my physics professor referred to a planet as having “sex appeal”, and when I pulled a face and insisted otherwise, he said, “well, sex appeal in a general sense.”

That’s just called appeal.