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Quoiro/WTFromantic: a brief timeline of disidentification with & personal rejection of romantic orientation

[Note: this post has been crossposted to Pillowfort. Updated 3/19/19.]

Since I’ve been thinking lately on the topics of those-who-struggle-with-labels and the process of getting new terms to take root, I decided I’d put together a brief timeline of one specific subset of that: disidentification with and personal rejection of romantic orientation.

Featured in this post: the coinage and meaning of wtfromantic, the subsequent coinage and meaning of quoiromantic, some discussion over competing definitions, and a sampling of personal reflection posts on the topic demonstrating its continued relevance over the past eight years. Formatted by year, with select text excerpts in blockquotes.

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Bad news

In which “bad” is relative.

*rubs temples*  So.  Um.  A guy I’ve recently befriended just informed me that he has a crush on me.

That would be uncomfortable enough on its own, since I it’s unrequited and I have no idea how to handle that tactfully/have limited experience with these situations/have limited ability to empathize or intuit the correct responses.

But on top of that default difficulty, well, the last time someone told me they had a crush on me, it was the Ex-Friend.  So I can’t help feeling uneasy.

I hate this.


Romantic Orientation: N/A

Several parts of Queenie’s recent post on greyromanticism (and the comment section beneath it) were highly relateable and helpful to me in putting words to my own experience.  So then why is it, then, that I don’t identify as greyromantic?

In this post, I navel gaze, discuss semantics, get distracted, ramble, talk in circles, and contrast having a sexual orientation of gray-ace with having a romantic orientation of divide by zero.

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