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me: *digs through someone’s kink tag, finds someone I recognize as being a person who’s talked rolequeer stuff and good critical kink and consent things, starts going through their corresponding discussion tag*

me: These posts are pretty old though.  I wonder what they’ve been up to more recently.

me: *clicks to visit blog main page*

very first post on the blog: n u d i t y

me: okay I’ll just show myself the door then

RQ Antitheism

lol okay check out this post I found from like a year ago.

Ignore rolequeer (the url)’s input because lol they’re not wrong, they’re just missing the point.  I’m linking more for that last comment because it’s… a trip.

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Guess what?  I’ve been reading again.

There is/was a gut-repulsion in the dissonance of What I Wanted versus What Others Wanted even – and especially – while we shared the same label.

Oh hello.  It’s me again, in the form of another person, apparently.

I find joy in recycling power.

!!!!!! LOOK AT THESE WORDS. ^^^^^

Over time, I’ve figured out that my absolute favorite way to play with power treats interactions as a dance (hehe, qu**r tango?) or some sort of storm. There’s a certain amount of chaos involved, and every power interaction involves a hundred and more instances of checks and balances. …I like… that the imbalance is precarious, and that it’s constantly being ‘updated’ in the course of play. I like power dancing with power in all the ways where there are no winners or losers (because I only want to play with my favorite people and I hate it when my favorite people lose and why would I want that and I’m terrible at competitive board games)

quotes from this post on RQ things [cn: I skimmed and didn’t read the whole post, I know, bad bad bad, so I can’t give detailed warnings, but there’s rape talk/anti-noncon talk and ethical kink vs. BDSM framing and assorted things like that]

mulling over scene concepts

Apparently nobody is going to do the work of spitballing ideas for nonsexual non-D/s weird intimacy for me (insert sarcastic self-aware mumbling about my very niche interests not being catered to), so, here, I’m going to try and manage a little on my own.

May contain food, bondage, role play, sensation play, roughhousing, and nonhumanity ingredients.

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technique, theory, and criticism kinkspam

(kinkspam = “kink” + “linkspam.” bad joke.)

Through persistence, I’ve found some of the kinds of things I would have wanted shared with me when I started here and here (and long before then, really, but those posts offer my personal context re: why I’m interrogating kink).  In the interest of anyone else who may find themselves in a tangential position, I want to share these with y’all, too.

Or in other words: *LMM’s Washington voice* Let me tell you what I wish I’d known

[general subject matter: abuse, ethics, bondage, and (un-)D/s]

Disclaimer: this linkspam has been curated with a sex-averse reader in mind and includes detailed notes, descriptions, and content warnings for most links; I’ve tried to make this post safely navigable for abuse survivors, but bear in mind, if you venture out by clicking the other links you may find through these, all bets are off.

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