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mulling over scene concepts

Apparently nobody is going to do the work of spitballing ideas for nonsexual non-D/s weird intimacy for me (insert sarcastic self-aware mumbling about my very niche interests not being catered to), so, here, I’m going to try and manage a little on my own.

May contain food, bondage, role play, sensation play, roughhousing, and nonhumanity ingredients.

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tapping on the glass

At this point, I’ve gotta ask myself why.  Why keep trying to get your foot in the door with this stuff?

(a post about kink)

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On Aces, Relationships, and Being “Up Front”

This post is about extending the ideas to be found in this tumblr post (go read it, it’s good).  Note that, although that link doesn’t so much, this post deals rather bluntly with issues surrounding consent, rape, and sexual pressure from romantic partners, so be warned of that.

First of all, I just made a post about some of this, and apparently that message needs to get out even more than I thought it did.  However, Tani’s post reminded me of another thought I’ve been mulling over for a while, brought to mind again when I read the paraphrased sentiments at the beginning of their post: this idea that “…asexuals shouldn’t expect allosexuals to be in sexless relationships and should be up front about the fact that they don’t want sex etc.”

Let’s focus on the latter half of that for now, because I think the problem with “you shouldn’t expect your partner to not have sex with you just because that’s what you want” speaks for itself.

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