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AA: Male Arousal

[cw: sexual harassment, specific narrative]

Roz wrote in:

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On WLW, Asexuality, and Competiting Interpretations

This is a post in response to a conversation started by aceadmiral about what gets read as desexualization and what gets read as asexuality in regards to w/w relationships.

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Adventures in Radio Ads

me: *listening to the radio*

radio: *plays an ad in which someone speaks in a very breathy voice*

me: *thinks the voice sounds vaguely sexual, but assumes it’s just a gimmick for selling sandwiches or something*

radio: *makes it clear that the ad is for a lingerie/sex toy type store*

radio: *says you can get something “for her” and something “for him”*

me: *grumbles internally, but tries not to be bothered*

radio: *explains a special offer in which they’ll throw in several “full-length adult movies”*

me: *turns the radio off amidst incoherent disgusted yelling*