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Appeal in Asymmetry

A post on relationship asymmetry, whether long-term or situational, because everything else written on the subject drains me and apparently if you want something done you have to do it yourself.

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…but how can you tell

re: this post, this advice on mental illness, self-harm, and masochism

Seriously.  How can you tell though?

(in which the blogger continues to be grouchy)

“I am currently looking for people along the mental illness spectrum who are also asexual, and willing to write about their experience!”

People along the mental illness spectrum.

I’m not familiar with mental illness being referred to as a spectrum.

Would that include people who are skittish and anxious in relation to past abuse, who might want trigger warnings for that quiz you linked, that I assume you never got the comment notification for?

Would that include people who suffer from paranoia or have stigmatized diagnoses they might not want disclosed to just anyone, who as kink newbies might want to be informed of the security issues that “most of the users on FL have been aware of for several years now”?

Anything like that, maybe?