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Optimistic Suggestion

Instead of saying there are aces who are abused for being acewhat if we started saying if you don't believe abuse survivors who are ace, you don't support abuse survivors.

[text: Instead of saying “There are aces who have been abused for being ace!” what if we started saying “If you don’t believe abuse survivors who are ace, you don’t support abuse survivors.”]

Preemptive vs. Concurrent + Reflective Consent

Here’s an idea I heard from someone else and want to pass along.  It’s relevant to starchythoughts’ post Hermeneutical Injustice in Consent and Asexuality, and I’m writing about it partially in response to Vesper’s more recent reflection post and the kinds of things they wrote about here.

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no time limit

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Quoiro Infographic

So I found a free infographic template…

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“can’t tell the difference”

tell the difference

(based off of this and this)

quoi symbol brainstorming

Trying to think of some ways to visually represent quoiromanticism… since you know how people are more likely to pay attention to information when it has pictures and such.

This is just more of me slapping things together and posting them, as usual.

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quoiro beakers graphic

okay have something colorful to look at

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more fun graphics for starting fights

special snowflake: someone who thinks they already know everything there is to know, and consequently, that anything they haven't heard of can't be real
Spread this around and make some special snowflakes mad.