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Contrary to popular misperceptions of fundamentalists, then, [James] Dobson does not see sex as a necessary evil.  For Dobson, sexuality is our most primary energy.  Whereas in Dare to Discipline, he castigates the “scientific experts” whose theories of child rearing led the nation to lose confidence in its heritage of biblical wisdom… Dobson idealizes and fights to preserve the modern family created by those scientific experts he loves to hate. But the point of his nostalgia was never historical accuracy. The point was discipline.

In large measure… this discipline is about maintaining middle-class status.  Historian George Mosse has argued that the emergence of nationalism in the nineteenth century was intimately connected with white middle-class norms regarding respectable sexuality. Dobson cites Joseph Daniel Unwin… who frames the issues as quasi-mathematical law: a civilizations level of cultural attainment is inversely proportional to the openness of its sexual regulations regarding extramarital and premarital sex.

Drawing on Unwin, Dobson identifies sexuality as our deepest truth. It is the heart of personality: “Self-awareness begins with an understanding of our sexual identity… Everything we do is influenced by our gender assignment.” […] Whereas Freud presented the discipline that civilization exacts as a source of discontent, Dobson presents this discipline as true contentment. For the mechanism by which society effects sexual discipline (according to Dobson) is private property: having a mate, a family, and a home of one’s own.

Ann Burlein, Lift High the Cross, p.155-156

but speaking of which

I think that’s actually a good comparison for lackluster ace “resource” blogs, whose mods appear to prioritize spreading the Good News of “asexuality is legit” and that’s about the long and the short of it, like Christians who are invested in spreading the Good News of “Jesus is Christ” but aren’t really invested in getting into the material applications of that viewpoint, like, say, the redistribution of wealth and the elimination of poverty.

What I’m saying is that a lot of designated ace blogs (meaning, ace generalist blogs, not personal blogs of aces) don’t do much in the way of useful work, organizing, or resource creation.  And that’s lamentable.

[hypothetical examples of what I mean]