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AA: Dragon Age

K wrote in:

hey I noticed you like dragon age and I was wondering if you would be so inclined as to discuss which character is your favorite! if not I 100% understand bc it’s sort of off-topic. personally I’m fond of Josephine Montilyet, tho I haven’t finished Inquisition yet.

Of course!

Josephine is great, I agree.  I like Cassandra and Cole a lot too.  And Varric, of course.  I haven’t heard of anyone not liking Varric.

My favorite, though?  Proooobably a tie between Merrill and Aveline.

I had been spoiler’d a little going into DA2 so I thought for sure I wouldn’t like Merrill, and boy was I wrong.  I fell for that girl hard and fast.  Self-conscious self-effacing types melt my heart.  I wish there were more dialogue options that were just “No Merrill you’re perfect and I love you and you don’t need to be so down on yourself and you’re so cute I’m going to explode” because that is the feeling I frequently experience while talking to her.  She’s so darn adorable.  I think her relationship with Fenris is really interesting and tragic, too.

Aveline being unromanceable and marrying a male NPC is complete BS and I would have romanced her with a F!Hawke if I could have.  Oh my god I love that woman.  She’s so staunch and blunt but also a really big sweetheart?  And I really like her dialogue with Fenris, too.

But back to Josephine, yeah, she’s the first character I picked to romance. :3  I appreciate the ambiguity that allows you to interpret the arc as nonsexual and I also appreciate her face, wow.  What a face.  What a precious character.

“what with their straw-men, patronising, condescending tones and general arrogance”

Today I received a slew of comments from an atheist who appears to be very displeased with me.

The comment threads splintered into two different tracks of thought, though, so for my own reference I’m going to link to the start of them both here.

Objection to my post on a line of dialogue in Dragon Age

Criticism of intentional conversion

The second one is my favorite because both Siggy and I were in agreement here, yet only I am the sick degenerate.  Siggy, apparently, is above reproach.

They also chose to criticize other people unfortunate enough to enter the comment section, such as Milo, Kappamaki, and Carmilla DeWinter, guilty by association.

The ensuing conversations are still in progress.

Patronizing Reminders and Peacemaker Gaslighting

Alternatively titled: “Mommy, where do asexuals come from?”

One of the most bizarre non-ace behaviors I’ve encountered so far is the sexual equivalent of mansplaining, which happens when some pontificating tenderfoot becomes aware of ace people and for some godforsaken reason decides to try and explain to us, unsolicited, the perspective of a non-ace person, as if we haven’t been surrounded by you people from day one.

Look at this mess.

Not only is the original post rude, presumptuous, and ignorant of context (see: allo Solas fans’ repeated refusals to make sexual content in the Solas tag more avoidable, derailing ace Solas posts with sexual comments, attacking people for ace Solas headcanons, the number of people angry about the mere existence of chastemance options, one of whom I met in person, the general anti-celibacy attitude of the fandom, etc.), BUT IT ALSO just… raises a lot of questions.

Such as: Where do you think ace-spectrum people come from?

Do you think we were transported here from another planet, for instance?  Or grew in underground pods and bloomed from the earth once we came of age?

How exactly does it come to pass that aces arrive on the internet 100% unaware of the rest of human culture outside of our recently-formed community and lacking all knowledge of the fact non-aces care about more than sex or that many people see sex as important and beautiful and “a wonderful way to express this spiritual connection that two people share” …?

Do you think ace people have isolated ourselves in self-sufficient communes for the past several centuries and are just now making contact with the outside world?

Do you think you’re the first person to tell us these things?

And, yes, just to get this out of the way: there is nothing wrong with imagining Solas had sex with Lavellan.  Duh.

I’m not aware of anyone arguing to the contrary, though, which makes this come across as a case of the Shame Clause.

Fans who interpret the Solas-Lavellan relationship as sexual (or wish it was depicted as more sexual) are not a minority and are not the ones who need protecting.

And you know what?  Given this whole situation, chiming in with “remember, sex is important to non-asexuals and there’s nothing wrong with not interpreting Solas as ace!” just comes off as gaslighting.

mood whiplash

I keep meaning to write another big theoretical/reflective post, and then things like this happen.

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