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An Incomplete Log of Inquiring Minds

Originally I intended to post this list as part of a larger post.  For now, I’ve decided to post the list alone.  Got a hunch it might be useful to link at some point.

Below, an incomplete list of certain kinds of search terms that have appeared on my stats page since 2014.  Expect some callous ones.

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let me break this down

[ big tw for rape culture and more flibanserin junk ]

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“You gotta be able to relate to at least one of those things.”

I hope somebody has something to say about the sex indifference joke Owen made about Aunt Claire in Jurassic World because I got nothing coherent over here.

oh, bioware

One of my friends suggested playing video games as a distraction technique to help relax after a panic attack, so I decided to replay Dragon Age II, and now I’m contemplating whether or not to romance Merrill again… which is reminding me how in these games, it’s like…

me: *provides reassurance at emotional low points and repeatedly compliments a nice character because I value their company and like their dialogue*

game: *gives me a cutscene of my character and that character making out*


Sexual Interpretations and Inductive Logic

Sexualization in unexpected places has always bothered me, but it was only this year that I figured out why.

Just to be clear, the kinds of interpretations I’m referring to are those which read an ambiguous scene, lyric, or comment as carrying a sexual meaning and come with an adamant conviction in the interpretation’s indisputability, i.e. “This is obviously sexual, and if you disagree, there must be something wrong with you.”

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On Partnership and Ace Guilt

[ warning for some perhaps-more-intense-than-usual talk of sexual pressure/coercion and guilt-tripping/victim-blaming ]

Remember when I wrote this post just a while ago?  I’m revisiting that topic again in light of things such as this incident and this comment and this message, but mostly because of the thread beginning with this comment:

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Please stop saying “aces aren’t repressed”

Or at the very least, reconsider what it means to say that “aces aren’t repressed.”

This post is for the February 2015 Carnival of Aces, applying the theme of “cross community connections” to my complicated relationships with the ace community and the Christian Church.

First, however, I feel obligated to make a case for why such a discussion is even relevant.  Unlike my identity as an ace, my “religious community” is not on the victim end of any institutional force of exploitation and abuse.  Far from it, in fact.  Presumably, some of you may believe that anything coming from the Church is going to be wrong anyway.  And… yeah, I won’t argue that, but I think by ignoring the area completely you’re going to be missing out on some inferences and connections that have serious implications for all aces in general.  Or, in other words, let’s take a moment to wonder why I get the impression that both sides in this matter are taking pains not to be mistaken for… well, someone like me.

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A More Detailed Topography of Social Cost

This post delves more into what I earlier termed “conflict-aversion,” perhaps better described as interpersonal cost, or social cost, although the latter refers to something different in the field of economics.  I’m conceptualizing social cost here as a factor that may be anticipated or taken into account in an individual’s decision making, particularly in the case of concession or “compromise.”  The rest of this post considers various examples of how and when this can apply.

[ tw for talk of boundaries, coercion, and emotional manipulation ]

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mood whiplash

I keep meaning to write another big theoretical/reflective post, and then things like this happen.

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Sex is Not a Vitamin

So we kick around all these phrases like “sex is not a universal need” and “sex can’t be something you owe someone” and “nobody’s entitled to sex with you” and all that, and although I agree wholeheartedly, I think I’ve noticed a blindspot — or at least, an angle that could use more emphasis.  Regardless, it’s good to practice saying it more, and I think more people need to hear this.

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