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RQ Antitheism

lol okay check out this post I found from like a year ago.

Ignore rolequeer (the url)’s input because lol they’re not wrong, they’re just missing the point.  I’m linking more for that last comment because it’s… a trip.

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Happiness as a Basis of Evaluation

[cw: very conservative Christian rhetoric, quoted anti-atheist talk, incidental gross url, + some kink ethics debate metatalk]

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new rule:

if you promo follow me then I’m allowed to make fun of your blog.  Especially if it’s an atheist or erotica blog and there’s no discernible reason for you to be following me.

ex. the kid whose about page describes one of their hobbies as “killing the ridiculous ideology of religion” like that’s even a coherent string of words.

the copilot has met some weird atheists

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I’m actually not sure how you could name your blog something like “Judeo Chrislam” and not be aware that that might be antisemitic.

“what with their straw-men, patronising, condescending tones and general arrogance”

Today I received a slew of comments from an atheist who appears to be very displeased with me.

The comment threads splintered into two different tracks of thought, though, so for my own reference I’m going to link to the start of them both here.

Objection to my post on a line of dialogue in Dragon Age

Criticism of intentional conversion

The second one is my favorite because both Siggy and I were in agreement here, yet only I am the sick degenerate.  Siggy, apparently, is above reproach.

They also chose to criticize other people unfortunate enough to enter the comment section, such as Milo, Kappamaki, and Carmilla DeWinter, guilty by association.

The ensuing conversations are still in progress.

Atheist Heterosexism

A tweet from @findingdoubt that reads "May more and more fundamentalists give birth to homosexual children!  Maybe then they will learn."

an example of a straight atheist

Let’s talk about atheists and heterosexism.  Or rather: let’s talk about atheists being heterosexist while thinking they’re fighting heterosexism.

Gay kids are not a punishment.  Their lives are not your rhetorical tools, and it is hateful and evil to wish abusive parenting on them for the sake of “Maybe then they will learn”.  I’m not gay, but I’m not straight either, and I have Catholic grandparents who vote Republican and watch Fox News.  I haven’t come out to them yet for fear of their reactions.  The fact that someone out there would be celebrating that situation, like my existence is some kind of amusing jab at them, betrays the fact that straight atheists such as these (pictured above) don’t actually care about helping any of the gsrm identities — they care about taking shots at theists, even at the expense of the oppressed. Continue reading