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Siggy wrote a critique of secular humanism

Here it is.  Go read it.

My favorite part is this point right here:

offering a real moral vision means dropping members who would disagree with it.”

That put into words something I’d been thinking for a while (re: UU-ers), so thank you, Siggy.

“Beliefs” can mean anything

Have I mentioned that I hate the way nonreligious people talk about religion?

I even have my grievances with the religious/nonreligious divide, but I’m using according to a self-identification standard for the moment, and sure, it’s not all bad, and I hate the way religious people talk about religion too, and there’s plenty of overlap besides, but: man, I hate the way nonreligious people talk about religion.  It’s even more cringeworthy than non-horsepeople’s ideas about horses, sometimes.

I’m just writing this to vent, not to write an instructional guide.  But if you want to know what brought this on, it was a dialogue option in Dragon Age: Inquisition, part of a video game series with a really lazy, derivative knock-off of Christianity whose relationship with the world lore is contradictory.  But I’ll try not to get off on a tangent about that.

There’s a bunch of trouble that the Chantry (i.e. the Fantasy-Church) played a big part in, and at one point, you’re given the option to say “Fanatical belief is to blame.”  In context, this is clearly referring to the followers of the Andrastrian religion (i.e. Fantasy-Christianity).

I don’t mind anyone blaming the Chantry, because the Chantry is pretty awful in some ways.  What I mind is this wording that implies only certain belief systems (read: religiously-coded ones) count as “beliefs.”  I know “fanatical” is in there to clarify it only means the extreme variants, but, y’know.  Extremity is relative.

I hate the word “belief”.  It’s so vague and broad and nondescript and toothless.  Maybe that’s the kind of word that works best sometimes, granted, but most of the time I hate the way people use it, because it’s so often used as this wishy-washy comprehensive blanket term for anything religiously-coded.  As if, y’know, nonreligious people don’t believe anything.

This is so frustratingly foolish I’m worried I’m not being coherent, but my main complaint is and will always be that people are so unspecific about what they’re criticizing that it lumps in things they don’t intend and robs the punch from their message.

Having a beef with the diehard Andrastrians is 100% understandable, but good grief, say what you mean.

Religion and Asexuality Overview

This is a collection of links about the various things that religious people have said about asexuality and what it’s like to be asexual in religious contexts.  I can only provide what I’ve found and what people have already written on, so for now, only Islam, Christianity, and Paganism will be primarily addressed here.  If you have any links to add to this list — any blog posts on the relationship between religion and asexuality — then please let me know.

Edit 12/4/2014: After this post was published, the theme of religion was chosen for the October Carnival of Aces.  Check the link for more recent writing on this subject.

Edit 6/21/2022: Please stop linking to this post next to links from Landover Baptist.

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“The Universe” as Diet Theism

Today, on “The Blogger Takes Things More Seriously Than They Were Probably Intended”: let’s talk about when people make reference to the universe as some kind of sentient, powerful entity with a will of its own and the ability to make choices.

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I don’t know

Someone recently found this blog by googling “how many asexuals are atheist.”  I don’t know, but based on unscientific impressions, it seems like a lot.

Also, for what it’s worth, the 2008 AVEN survey found 53.8% of their respondents to be nonreligious, but you should take that with a grain of salt since AVEN can’t be expected to be able to draw a random sample of the asexual population (they’re constrained to anglophones, for one thing, and not everyone who answered the survey identifies as asexual, etc.).

So, again: I don’t know.

If you’re looking for some kind of causal correlation (the way people sometimes try to do with asexuality and autism), I doubt you’ll find one.

If you’re looking for fellow atheist aces, then… well, there are some who follow this blog (say hi?).  Walk into any ace space online or off, I bet you’ll find a few.

Atheist Heterosexism

A tweet from @findingdoubt that reads "May more and more fundamentalists give birth to homosexual children!  Maybe then they will learn."

an example of a straight atheist

Let’s talk about atheists and heterosexism.  Or rather: let’s talk about atheists being heterosexist while thinking they’re fighting heterosexism.

Gay kids are not a punishment.  Their lives are not your rhetorical tools, and it is hateful and evil to wish abusive parenting on them for the sake of “Maybe then they will learn”.  I’m not gay, but I’m not straight either, and I have Catholic grandparents who vote Republican and watch Fox News.  I haven’t come out to them yet for fear of their reactions.  The fact that someone out there would be celebrating that situation, like my existence is some kind of amusing jab at them, betrays the fact that straight atheists such as these (pictured above) don’t actually care about helping any of the gsrm identities — they care about taking shots at theists, even at the expense of the oppressed. Continue reading