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Right or wrong, I always get the feeling somebody’s about to say something cruel or inaccurate whenever they use the phrase “cishet aro/aces.”  To me it just seems fundamentally bizarre and misguided as a phrase and as a conceptual grouping, because it’s (according to the usage I’ve seen) lumping in aro heterosexuals with hetrom aces, and… if someone doesn’t already have the cultural context to know what’s weird about that, I don’t expect them to have nuanced and informed opinions on aros or aces.  ‘Cause even though from an abstract vantage point, “aromantic heterosexual” and “heteroromantic asexual” just look like flipped versions of each other, in practice… the aro community is way smaller and looser than the ace community.  I don’t know if it’s just what channels I expose myself to, but aro non-aces are like… barely there or barely vocal.  Maybe I just haven’t seen it yet, but to me it seems like they’re just not involved in identity politiking the way hetrom aces are.  So I’m confused why you would even bring up aro heterosexuals at all.  Do you think the aro and ace communities are one big merged evenly-mixed blob, and that when you address one, you’re addressing the other?  Do you think hetrom aces and aro heterosexuals occupy interchangeable social positions?  Why is this a thing?