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[cw: rape culture]

One of the highlights of this mess of a nightmare conversation, in which a BDSM practitioner kept getting randomly defensive at me as if I had personally attacked her and kept spectacularly failing to respond to what I was actually saying instead of her tightly-wound bundle of preconceived notions, has to be this part:

Why not lay out all your sex life so we can stand here and tell you how wrong it is and how pathetically uneducated you are?

Mmmmyou mean that thing I’ve already done and that thing that’s already been happening long before now?  You’re late to the party.

I… just.  For Pete’s sake.  You’re talking to an ace on an ace blog about being ace and the issues related to that.

Being criticized for the sex I (don’t) have sure is a novel idea, a true equivalency, and a conversation I find too threatening to dare to have!  That’s why I started a public ace blog, write about being criticized for the sex I don’t have, and have repeatedly argued with the creepy rape apologists who occasionally cross paths with me!  Great going!  You really got me there!

I could probably do a whole series of posts just responding to several different points of her nonsense, but I don’t actually want this to turn into a kink blog, so I’m still thinking about how to balance the thoughts she (and similar others) have stirred with my desire to keep this mostly an ace blog.