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Academics sure are bad at talking about abstinence, huh

lol nothing like a little academic reading on “purity culture” to reopen some old baggage

[cn: conservative Christian talk, anti-ace stuff, discussion of rape (fictional and political)]

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Asexual academic articles?

This seems like a good place to ask: if someone were writing a rhetorical studies article on (perceptions of) asexuality, do you know of any academic work you would expect to see cited? –or think it’s important to have read? Not necessarily the definitional “what is asexuality, who are asexuals” type of thing, but more in relation to broader culture or other subcultures. I know there are a few pages out there with asexuality bibliographies and such, but I’m not assuming that stuff’s up to date.

grad school first semester retrospective

hey uhhh congrats to my first semester of grad school curriculum for only featuring one (1) required reading that’s ostensibly an academic article but pretty quickly just turns into vaguely pensive straight-up erotica.


Uh so I would like to write posts after finals are over but first I would like for my chosen career path not to be destroyed by congress and the plan for taxing nonexistent money.