Linking and Quoting:

In general, you’re welcome to link to and quote segments of my posts.  There are some posts that are more geared toward that kind of usage than others, so use your best judgement.  And if you have questions about what’s appropriate, you can ask.

Full-text copying:

There are very, very few posts on this blog I’ve marked (with notes or tags) as okay to fully copy, paste, and publish elsewhere.  For the most part, just don’t.  I’d rather you link it.


You are welcome to comment on the posts here, even if they’re old, even to disagree.  You might want to look around and make sure my views haven’t changed since then, but otherwise, have at it.  The only commenters who will be banned are those who spam.


My ace-themed graphics are generally okay to repost elsewhere, so long as you link to the original source post.

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