Types of Attraction image

Ace Invalidation Chart

Demisexuality: a flow chart

Asexual History Timeline, dating back to 1948 (via Asexual Explorations)

Academic papers on asexuality:

Compulsory Sexuality (a paper on discrimination)

Asexuality as a Spectrum

Evidence of anti-asexual prejudice [ on Psychology Today ] [ on SAGE ] & some criticism of this study

The Development of Sexual Attraction (discusses average age of onset, albeit in a monosexist fashion)

Asexuality in Disability Narratives

Reconsidering Asexuality

& a list of more

A brilliant satire of the typical journalism piece on asexuality

The Invisible Elephant (a piece on defining sexual attraction)

A problem with “enthusiastic consent” [more]

Visualizing Demisexuality

The origin of “gray-a” & “demi” as identity labels

How demisexuality is a useful label

On “demi” as a primary, rather than secondary, orientation descriptor

What if demisexuals aren’t a minority?

Why do people come out as asexual?

What’s so bad about being invisible?

Why don’t they just create their own spaces? (and they do)

What if people use the asexual label to hide from their true feelings?

But what about hormones?

Are asexuals oppressed?

Why you shouldn’t trivialize asexual coming out stories.  [ source summary: 1 2 3 ]

Race and Asexuality:

On being Chinese and ace

On being Black and ace

On being Mixed-race and ace

On being South Asian and ace

On Black masculinity and being ace


Challenges faced by ace-spectrum survivors of sexual violence [ alternate link ]

Ace Stereotypes in Fiction: the Asexual Misogynist

Asexuality, Islam, and Marriage

Asexual Meetup Groups