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Can’t do either of the posts I have in mind for this blog OR get any of my reading or other work done right now because I’m listless and tired and mad at a professor and can’t focus on anything long enough.


Update: Pillowfort Beta

So you may have heard me mention the closed beta for, a new blogging platform in the works, and with the third wave of invites gone out, I was able to finally join it last week (here’s my personal blog there). Without an account you can’t see comments or go into tags, but right now you should be able to take a look at specific blogs if you have the url.

As mentioned, the site is still in beta and has a ways to go, bugs are common, some desirable features are missing, it’s still pretty quiet, etc. That said, here are some nice things going for it:

    • seriously comment sections are so important y’all
    • you can have a back-and-forth public conversation without also spreading the same post around over and over and repeatedly exposing your followers to it
  • A real, actual message/mail system with an inbox and threading, unlike tumblr’s wonky “ask” system
  • when you make a post, you can set it to “viewable by everyone,” “viewable only by mutuals,” or “viewable only by me”
  • when you make a post, you can turn off comments and reblogs — no more having to put “don’t reblog” in the tags of something you don’t want spread around; you can just outright disable the option
    • also you can mark it as NSFW as well
  • so far it seems like there’s quite a few ace people on there, which helps set the tone for me — the ratio of “people saying they’re ace and/or affirming asexuality” to “people making fun of aces” is definitely weighted toward the former
    • (I actually don’t think I’ve seen any antiace antagonism there yet at all)

So! Stay tuned for further updates, I guess. After Imzy’s rise and collapse, it’s fair to be especially skeptical of this taking off, but I hope to enjoy this while it lasts.


Uh so I would like to write posts after finals are over but first I would like for my chosen career path not to be destroyed by congress and the plan for taxing nonexistent money.

a prospect

Half-formed post idea: you know when people say those things like “don’t feed the trolls” and “don’t burn yourself out arguing w/ people who don’t want to listen”? A decent sentiment, right, but to me that’s not very useful or instructive without getting into the nitty-gritty of Identifying the Features (of someone who is/isn’t engaging in good faith), so I was thinking about writing out some thoughts on strategies for that.


  • I got into grad school which was. an ordeal.
  • I am now in grad school which is. an ordeal.
  • also an ordeal? leaving the state of Texas
  • (snow is on its way and I am afeared)
  • made a complaint to the student org about a part of a required employee training re: “attraction” and “relationships,” so I’ve now done A Real Activism, I guess
  • going to a school with a lgbtqia center (not just lgbt) is the most unreal thing
  • (to bad I can barely attend their events due to the aforementioned “being an overworked grad student”)
  • annoyed that I don’t have an imzy replacement yet because I have this whole essay I want to write on topping subjectivity
  • but I also have an ace post topic in mind that I think I won’t chicken out of writing this time so uhhh hold me accountable to that

A note on being thanked

This past… few weeks, or maybe even month or so, I’d been thinking gradually more about taking down a certain post, out of rising shame at having published it (as an embarrassing oversharing thing that I’m worry Insults The Real Survivors w/ my stupid selfish overreacting nonsense, y’know).

And, uh.  Opened my email and saw that just two days ago I got a message through here specifically thanking me for exactly that post.  So.  I might be tearing up a little bit now, that’s fine.


A few days ago some joker posted a comment on one of my old posts, trying to tell me that most people who commit rape are mental ill, which 1) is a wrong & useless assertion, but also 2) did not refute or even interact with what the original post was even saying

A lot of times when people are expressing an opinion where I agree with them on the specific issue at hand they’ll do it with a kind of meta-level framing that makes me uncomfortable.

@ the academics


Number 47 there is a footnote on the passage I quoted earlier from this book (Ann Burlein’s Lift High the Cross).  Would any of y’all with access to academic libraries/databases be able to investigate “Sex as God’s Work” and “Re-making Love” and see if there’s anything of interest in there?


Finally decided to close the comment section on that WTDIYTYPMBA post.