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Uh so I would like to write posts after finals are over but first I would like for my chosen career path not to be destroyed by congress and the plan for taxing nonexistent money.


a prospect

Half-formed post idea: you know when people say those things like “don’t feed the trolls” and “don’t burn yourself out arguing w/ people who don’t want to listen”? A decent sentiment, right, but to me that’s not very useful or instructive without getting into the nitty-gritty of Identifying the Features (of someone who is/isn’t engaging in good faith), so I was thinking about writing out some thoughts on strategies for that.


  • I got into grad school which was. an ordeal.
  • I am now in grad school which is. an ordeal.
  • also an ordeal? leaving the state of Texas
  • (snow is on its way and I am afeared)
  • made a complaint to the student org about a part of a required employee training re: “attraction” and “relationships,” so I’ve now done A Real Activism, I guess
  • going to a school with a lgbtqia center (not just lgbt) is the most unreal thing
  • (to bad I can barely attend their events due to the aforementioned “being an overworked grad student”)
  • annoyed that I don’t have an imzy replacement yet because I have this whole essay I want to write on topping subjectivity
  • but I also have an ace post topic in mind that I think I won’t chicken out of writing this time so uhhh hold me accountable to that

A note on being thanked

This past… few weeks, or maybe even month or so, I’d been thinking gradually more about taking down a certain post, out of rising shame at having published it (as an embarrassing oversharing thing that I’m worry Insults The Real Survivors w/ my stupid selfish overreacting nonsense, y’know).

And, uh.  Opened my email and saw that just two days ago I got a message through here specifically thanking me for exactly that post.  So.  I might be tearing up a little bit now, that’s fine.


A few days ago some joker posted a comment on one of my old posts, trying to tell me that most people who commit rape are mental ill, which 1) is a wrong & useless assertion, but also 2) did not refute or even interact with what the original post was even saying

A lot of times when people are expressing an opinion where I agree with them on the specific issue at hand they’ll do it with a kind of meta-level framing that makes me uncomfortable.

@ the academics


Number 47 there is a footnote on the passage I quoted earlier from this book (Ann Burlein’s Lift High the Cross).  Would any of y’all with access to academic libraries/databases be able to investigate “Sex as God’s Work” and “Re-making Love” and see if there’s anything of interest in there?


Finally decided to close the comment section on that WTDIYTYPMBA post.

@the folks who send me nice messages

Thank you, always.


Okay, that’s enough of this radio silence.  I don’t care how much you feel like isolating yourself, brain.  We need someplace to vent.  So go… post some drafts or something, and cut this out.