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A note on being thanked

This past… few weeks, or maybe even month or so, I’d been thinking gradually more about taking down a certain post, out of rising shame at having published it (as an embarrassing oversharing thing that I’m worry Insults The Real Survivors w/ my stupid selfish overreacting nonsense, y’know).

And, uh.  Opened my email and saw that just two days ago I got a message through here specifically thanking me for exactly that post.  So.  I might be tearing up a little bit now, that’s fine.



A few days ago some joker posted a comment on one of my old posts, trying to tell me that most people who commit rape are mental ill, which 1) is a wrong & useless assertion, but also 2) did not refute or even interact with what the original post was even saying

A lot of times when people are expressing an opinion where I agree with them on the specific issue at hand they’ll do it with a kind of meta-level framing that makes me uncomfortable.

@ the academics


Number 47 there is a footnote on the passage I quoted earlier from this book (Ann Burlein’s Lift High the Cross).  Would any of y’all with access to academic libraries/databases be able to investigate “Sex as God’s Work” and “Re-making Love” and see if there’s anything of interest in there?


Finally decided to close the comment section on that WTDIYTYPMBA post.

@the folks who send me nice messages

Thank you, always.


Okay, that’s enough of this radio silence.  I don’t care how much you feel like isolating yourself, brain.  We need someplace to vent.  So go… post some drafts or something, and cut this out.


Some stuff going on:

  • Dealing with various health issues and trying to balance out my meds & diet has been feeling like a game of whack-a-mole
  • Trying to accomplish a life thing, maybe, so I can maybe have a job that I like one day instead of continuing to be a dreary office gremlin
  • Realized I might be cutting off contact with my entire family minus my sister just in time for the holidays, nbd nbd
  • If you weren’t already aware: Imzy is out of closed beta now.  Sorry if you requested an invite from me and it got lost in transit (as happened with at least 1 person) — now you don’t need one!  Besides my critical kink comm Unravel, I recommend Sci’s Asexuality comm (specifying hers because there’s two of ’em).
  • It’s occurred to me that I actually find it pretty strange that people who say “cishet aro/aces” aren’t the same people who say “monosexuals” (mostly, anyway)
  • I’m going to a Big Thing and it’s exciting and something to look forward to but it’s also up north and I haven’t been up north since I was a toddler, please send help
  • I get bored at work and recently compiled a list of my favorite fictional depictions of abuse and abuse victims, gonna write that up as a real post one day maybe
  • Smaller big thing happening Monday, wish me mental clarity
  • I keep thinking to myself “oh no, what am I going to do for Thanksgiving” but then I remember that I’ve never even liked Thanksgiving and it’s always literally the worst food of the year to me
  • Recently joined a tabletop roleplaying group and started a new campaign like a true nerd… our party is a hot mess in the worst way but I can report with satisfaction that so far not one of us has attempted the “I roll to seduce them” tactic, so let’s end this post on that positive note

who wants to start an imzy community

with (for) me

about like.  ace umbrella anti-abuse bondage anarchist… stuff… or just… non-d/s kink… nonsexual kink… or, I guess, any of the combinations of things that I can’t find enough content on, that I want to talk about with more people…

So far,

this imzy thing seems pretty neat.

– tumblr-style dashboard of all the stuff you follow

– nested/grouped comments (!) enabling actual discussion

– staff who actually give a darn about harassment

– options for posting anonymous questions

– but also the ability to ban users even when they’re on anon

best of both worlds?? yes? I hope so.