About the Blog

I’m a theistic person on the asexual spectrum who has things to say.  On this blog, I write about my own experiences related to asexuality, thoughts on discussions within the ace community, and complaints directed at compulsory sexuality and the wider heterosexist culture.  Less frequently, I blog about Christianity and theological things.  I also talk about abuse, consent, and ethics a lot more than I thought I would.

This blog is not meant to be a primer on explaining asexuality to non-aces.  If you need a starting point, this and this can introduce the subject for you.  To all asexuals, gray-as, demis, and others who are just curious: welcome.  The Ace Theist is the name of the blog; as for its author, you can call me Coy.

If you find any broken links, or if you just have a message for me, please notify me via the askbox.