Gray-Ace & Gray-Aro Survey: Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in or helped to spread the Gray-Ace & Gray-Aro Survey. This survey was released on July 28, 2022 and ran through September 15th, with the link shared on WordPress, Pillowfort, Tumblr, Twitter, AVEN, Arocalypse, Dreamwidth, Reddit, and various Discord servers.

The survey collected 1,404 responses in total.

Crossposted to Pillowfort. Preview image: Shadows & Fog by Adam Baker, licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

I’ve separated the survey data and my notes into sections below. The sections I recommend the most are Meaning of Gray Identities, Naming the Umbrellas, and Perspectives & Prejudice. I am open to hearing what else people are interested in seeing with this data, so leave a comment below to make a request.

If you like, you can also download the full spreadsheet of responses. You can use this file to run your own data analysis, view graphs, or browse the free-write answers.

Note: be advised that I’ve left almost everything as is, including various free-write commentary that I don’t agree with (such as identity policing, wrongful terminology, antigay dogwhistles, etc.). The only things redacted are email addresses, usernames, and other information specific enough to be personally-identifying.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this project possible. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and if you can, please help spread the link to these results!

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