Gender Exploration Carnival – Roundup

This is the roundup for the June 2021 edition of the Gender Exploration Carnival, on the theme of “Sexuality.” View the Call for Submissions for more details.

This month, we received two submissions:

16 Thoughts on Gender and Sexuality by KaeS

I’m increasingly convinced that a person’s sexuality and gender can’t be meaningfully communicated in under 500 words. My gender and sexuality is a quantum wave function that temporarily collapses when viewed from different perspectives. I shouldn’t have to pick a team, or label.

Butchery by Coyote

No matter how people might try to position butch identity and ace identity as worlds apart, putting one upon a pedestal and the other in a spittoon, I find my gray-asexuality acts as a draw toward butch expression. I gravitate to these figures, these images, these aesthetics, these voices for reasons that include the reasons why I identify as ace.

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