Gender Exploration Carnival – Call for Submissions: Sexuality

This is the Call for Submissions for the June 2021 iteration of the Gender Exploration Carnival. I’m this month’s host, and the theme for this month is Sexuality.

Preview image by Chris Clogg, Public Domain.

What’s the Gender Exploration Carnival?

The Gender Exploration Carnival is a monthly blogging event recently launched in 2021. Each month, the host picks a theme for participants to write about, and then at the end of the month, the host publishes a roundup post that links back to all the submissions. To learn more about the Gender Exploration Carnival, you can read the FAQ. You can also select next month’s theme if you volunteer to host.

What’s the theme?

The theme for this month is Sexuality. You can interpret this theme as broadly as you like. To help get you thinking, here are a few prompts to consider:

  • How has your exploration of gender affected your sexuality or sexual orientation?
  • How has sexuality or sexual orientation affected your exploration of gender?
  • How have you navigated gender or gendered expectations in the context of sex or sexual partnerships?
  • If you are celibate or sexually inactive, are there ways that’s inflected by gender for you?
  • Although some sexuality terms are gender-neutral, there are also some that have more gendered associations about the people they describe — what’s your relationship to these terms?
  • Sometimes people make assumptions about sexual preferences based on how they interpret a person’s gender — has this affected how you present yourself? If so, how?

Note these prompts are completely optional and meant to be as open-ended as possible, so if there’s anything about them that doesn’t quite work for you, feel free to adapt the questions as necessary or approach the theme in another way.

How do I participate?

  1. First, create a response to the theme. You can post it to Pillowfort, WordPress, Dreamwidth, Tumblr, or any other website of your choice. If you are interested to learn more about what submissions typically look like, you can browse the previous Roundups.
  2. Once your submission is posted, send me the link. You can post it in the comments of this post (no account required) or send it in through my contact form. The deadline for submissions is June 30th. I will let you know if your submission has been received, so if you don’t receive a confirmation comment within a couple of days, please try sending it again.

What are the requirements?

The requirements are that your submission deal with this month’s theme (sexuality) and gender exploration or introspection.

As explained in the Carnival’s FAQ, the Gender Exploration Carnival is open to anyone who personally relates to some aspect of gender introspection or exploration, which may include not identifying as the gender you were assigned at birth. You do not need to hold any particular identity in order to participate.

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