PF Promo

I’ve talked some on here about and what I see in it, both in this short post and in this Carnival of Aces post, so I just thought I’d let y’all know that their Kickstarter is currently over 80% funded and has a little more than a week left to go.

While I understand having reservations, I’ve really enjoyed my time there so far, and there’s been a lot of discussion about how Pillowfort’s similar and different features encourage a different social dynamic from what a lot of us are used to (for instance: in this comment section and several other places, I’ve seen PF users mention that the site’s features have helped them participate in a lot more interaction and real conversations).

That interactivity, in addition to PF Staff’s responsiveness and PF’s anti-harassment tools, makes worth looking at if you are another beleaguered ace tired of the status quo. Aces have talked about the problems with AVEN at length and have talked about how Tumblr has become a hostile environment (in general, and for aces in particular) with the way a post of yours can easily spin out of control and get you flooded with harassment. Suffice to say, there are a lot of elements in play over on Pillowfort that I think can significantly alter those dynamics that by now feel so ingrained. For instance, how would you like it if, upon deciding one of your posts was a bad idea, clicking “delete” on one of your posts also deleted the reblog-copies off the blogs of anyone who had reblogged it? And deleting it literally deleted it from the whole site, not just from your own blog? You could actually make sure that no one ever saw it again. Or, one better, what if you wanted to put the post back up again but keep it away from unfriendly eyes? What if you could keep parts of your blog public while also setting an individual post to “viewable to mutuals only”? Can you imagine how that would change the game?

…And that’s only some of what I value about Pillowfort. I meant for this to just be a short two-sentence “hey check out the kickstarter” post but once I get going talking about this place, it feels like there’s so much to say. But please, check it out and see for yourself.

At the moment, PF is still in closed beta and will remain so even for a time after the Kickstarter, but beta invites can still be obtained via the Kickstarter for the next few days for just $5, and if you want you even can use the demo account right now for free. So you’re invited to take a look around!

5 responses to “PF Promo

  • Sasha

    Seconding the recommendation to check out and support Pillowfort.

  • Sennkestra

    So I just decided to go for it and join the kickstarter, so I guess I’ll be getting a key soon – do you have any recommendations for good communities to check out first?

    • Coyote

      :D Yes!

      The biggest community right now is, of course, BetaUsers, but that’s a comm about beta testing itself — some of the other big (well, “big” … the site is still very small and in beta, so, it’s all relative) general comms to look around and find people are places like Active_Users, SaySomethingSaturday, and FollowFriday. There’s also Hitchhikers_Guide_To_Pillowfort which was created for newbies, and one of the posts that’s been reblogged to there is my tutorials/info post, which of course I recommend taking a look at.

      Most communities though are organized more around particular fandoms, identities, or interests, and those vary widely in terms of how populated or active they are. Here’s the Merlin community, for instance, and here’s the “A-Spec” community (I don’t like that term but what can you do).

      • epochryphal

        hmmmmmm. i might have to look at the way antis are/n’t handled, in fandoms or ship-specific subgroups…. most of my community needs are met atm except for that, which i’ve been keeping to myself and my partner because Yikes the way tumblr and twitter have anti sentiments threaded through so much gen content

        • Coyote

          Hard to say, because it’s come up and there’s been unresolved back and forth about it here and there among the users (which I haven’t totally kept up with because like, not my department, and I don’t even know what y’all are talking about half the time) but, that said, some things I think might be relevant… There is an anti-harassment policy in the ToS, and among those rules there’s a rule that specifically states it’s not allowed to “creat[e] posts/communities/etc. for the purpose of spreading accusations or condemnation of other Pillowfort users,” which I presume is a related issue there.

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