Asexual academic articles?

This seems like a good place to ask: if someone were writing a rhetorical studies article on (perceptions of) asexuality, do you know of any academic work you would expect to see cited? –or think it’s important to have read? Not necessarily the definitional “what is asexuality, who are asexuals” type of thing, but more in relation to broader culture or other subcultures. I know there are a few pages out there with asexuality bibliographies and such, but I’m not assuming that stuff’s up to date.

3 responses to “Asexual academic articles?

  • Blue Ice-Tea

    I’d expect them to have read CJ DeLuzio Chasin’s “Theoretical Issues in the Study of Asexuality” (2011) and Mark Carrigan’s “There’s more to life than sex?” (2011). That is, unless those articles have already been superseded by more recent writings.

    I’d also encourage them to read Cynthia Barounis’s “Compulsory Sexuality and Asexual/Crip Resistance in John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus” from the Asexualities reader, or something else on the intersection of asexuality and disability studies. I know there’s some interesting work that’s been done in this area, I just don’t know what the best articles for it are.

  • Sennkestra

    I would suggest maybe the above book chapter as well – it’s a sort of brief summary of various academic works on reading asexuality in(to) the media and using asexuality/compulsory sexuality etc. As lenses of interpretation, which I would say ties in well to talking about perceptions of non fictional characters as well. It’s also somewhat more recent so it may be a good bibliography to mine for other works.

    (And yeah, there are no fully up to date English language bibliographies ATM – mine is several months to a year out of date with some major gaps, and as far as I know the rest are not even active at all)

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