• I got into grad school which was. an ordeal.
  • I am now in grad school which is. an ordeal.
  • also an ordeal? leaving the state of Texas
  • (snow is on its way and I am afeared)
  • made a complaint to the student org about a part of a required employee training re: “attraction” and “relationships,” so I’ve now done A Real Activism, I guess
  • going to a school with a lgbtqia center (not just lgbt) is the most unreal thing
  • (to bad I can barely attend their events due to the aforementioned “being an overworked grad student”)
  • annoyed that I don’t have an imzy replacement yet because I have this whole essay I want to write on topping subjectivity
  • but I also have an ace post topic in mind that I think I won’t chicken out of writing this time so uhhh hold me accountable to that

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