Takeaways from conservative Christian sex manuals

[cw: sex-normativity, misogyny, rape culture]

It is through sexual union that people feel closest to Christ. Not only does God reveal himself in sexual love, but, as one book poetically argues, the only way mortals can find Christ is in the marital act, which is the holiest of acts. In this sense, the marital union is seen as a profound prayer, as “no human activity gives more glory to man’s creator than the act by which man is permitted to share in creation.” […]

Husbands and wives are obligated to honor each other’s sexual needs for “it is God’s will that married people enjoy sexual relations.” Abstinence from sex is allowed only under specific conditions, by mutual agreement, and temporarily. […]

The two principal types of sexual maladjustment cited in the manuals are frigidity on the part of the wife and premature ejaculation on the part of the husband. According to one book, “sexual frigidity is without doubt the greatest sexual problem threatening contemporary marriages. It is not an exaggeration to say that the majority of modern wives are, in some degree, frigid!” These authors are pessimistic regarding the transformation of cold into passionate wives. “There are frigid women, many of them, and the most skilled lovers would be powerless to ‘cure’ them.”

Lionel S. Lewis and Dennis D. Brissett, “Sex as God’s Work”

Nothing to say here that I haven’t said already.

Thanks again to Kristiny for the link.


3 responses to “Takeaways from conservative Christian sex manuals

  • Rachel

    *almost spits out my tea*

    This is so 1950s in its moralistic hand-wringing that it borders on cartoonish. Gotta love fear-mongering about “modern” things, grumbling about “kids thees days.”

    • Coyote

      I don’t know if they were explicitly linking the “issue” to modernity as a cause here… and I don’t think they were thinking of “kids” here… hopefully… but I think I see how you got there. Anyway, moralistic hand-wringing is very much a thing of all time periods.

      • Rachel

        I’ll concede that they might not be blaming “modernity” itself, but the framing “the majority of modern wives are, in some degree, frigid!” carries the implication that women were less frigid in the past and thus that it’s a more “new” problem. And yeah, moralistic hand-wringing goes well with all time periods, but the style and presentation of this particular instance kinda reminds me of Chick Tracts, Reefer Madness, and Seduction of the Innocent. The kind that looks “dated” rather than “edgy.”

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