dangit dangit dangit

Bad things about spending the night of Christmas Eve entirely alone: listening to a dramatic podcast and getting all worked up about your favorite scumbag character almost dying and then turns out he’s aliiiiiive he’s aliiiiiive but then even more bad things happen and there aren’t any episodes after that and you’re left all emotionally hecked up about it with no one around to have a live conversation about it arghhhhh.  Normally I could at least text someone but it’s Christmas Eve!  Christmas freaking Eve!  People are all doing their Christmas Eve things with their Christmas Eve people and don’t have time to be checking their phones and crap.

(he’s alive he’s alive he’s alive but now he’s in deep water and why’d you have to do that man arghhh)

5 responses to “dangit dangit dangit

  • Silvermoon

    Idk you can just text people anyway tbhhh like
    I dunno about your friends
    but people don’t always Christmas Eve/Christmas in a solid 48 hour block. If someone has spare time and they check their phone they might reply.

    • Coyote

      I did try my sister for the heck of it… and she replied a few times but she’s At A Family Party which ties her responsiveness up, alas…

      • Silvermoon

        Fair enough.
        It’s Christmas here and everyone in the house is just like “time to nap” (esp with this frigging heat) so plenty of time to reply to things. :P

    • Coyote

      Uhhh can’t give a full endorsement since I jumped into one of the specials/far into the story instead of starting at the beginning (by complete mistake) but. It’s called We’re Alive. Specifically the special six-parter called We’re Alive: Lockdown. Warning for cruddy treatment of a rape victim character (worst during some part in the first fifteen mins), besides lots of other horror staples like death and stuff.

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