Optimistic Suggestion

Instead of saying there are aces who are abused for being acewhat if we started saying if you don't believe abuse survivors who are ace, you don't support abuse survivors.

[text: Instead of saying “There are aces who have been abused for being ace!” what if we started saying “If you don’t believe abuse survivors who are ace, you don’t support abuse survivors.”]


3 responses to “Optimistic Suggestion

  • Klaaraa

    Because sometimes, for some People, it is important that they were specifically targeted BECAUSE they are ace? For example as a Response/defence to “you do not face any oppression for your orientation”

    • Coyote

      I think you may be missing the point.

    • Elizabeth

      Please, please, please go read (or re-read) Queenie’s ace survivors as rhetorical devices series. Centering only ace survivors who have been targeted (totally or in part) because they are ace is damaging. Even for those of us for whom that is true (myself among them), bringing that up in arguments can amount to using us as a political football. It encourages people who oppose the idea that people face any kind of oppression for being ace to dispute our accounts of what happened to us and attack us personally. That makes it harder to come forward.

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