Unravel – A Critical Kink Community


Hey, folks.  So I went and did the thing and started a “community” on imzy (*crosses fingers*).  There are already some other kink communities on there, but none that mention remotely anything about being ace-friendly, or anti-kinky-abuse, or critical (not to be confused with “kink-critical,” mind you, in which the word critical means the same thing it does in the phrase “trans-critical”).  Lacking alternatives, Unravel will be my attempt to take a stab at some of those things and more.  I have some ideas for links and discussion topics to come, but I’m not quite sure what direction to send this in just yet, and since it’s brand new, I figure the first few folks who join are probably joining to shape what kind of place it becomes…  So if you want a look, I just gained over 100 invites I can send.  Just click the link up there and input your email address so you can get invited, and then you can snoop around, give feedback, maybe even join, that sort of thing.


3 responses to “Unravel – A Critical Kink Community

  • code16

    also omg thank you so much for that note on ‘kink critical’

    • Coyote

      *shakes fist* Dog whistles make things needlessly complicated. >>

      • code16

        So does – well, I’d say gaslighting, but I don’t know how you feel about broader uses of that word. Like

        “oh no, we say critical because it’s like ‘critical thinking’/like ‘movie criticism’, we don’t mean we hate the thing”
        in reality: -literally only ever actually says bad things, absolute lack of acknowledging some people might get positive, needed, etc stuff from thing, anyone who says they are is lying/mistaken/in need of help- (which, come to think of – more gaslighting!).

        “this is not a recipe for screwing with people’s heads at all!”

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