dirty trashy prude

[cw: sex talk, misogyny]

Initially I wrote an introduction to this but instead just have this list:

  • when I was backstage getting prepared for a musical, overhearing a girl nearby the makeup table refer to a certain bright shade of lipstick as “hooker red”
  • back when I used to pay attention to the OUAT fandom, a caption under a picture of Cindarella’s fairy godmother that referred to her extreme shoes as “stripper heels”
  • my mom criticizing skimpy clothing on real women but viewing nude sculptures as high art that people should appreciate
  • in Firefly, Inara distinguishing between herself being a prestigious, elegant guild-affiliated “companion” (whose paid services include sex) and the poorer, scruffier, independent brothel members, by referring to the latter as “whores,” despite the fact that it’s a label she consistently refuses for herself, and insisting it’s more accurate for them than for her, despite what their jobs have in common
  • writers verbally differentiating “raunchy” sex scenes from sex scenes that are “classy” and “tasteful”
  • the way that “dirty,” “trashy,” and “prude” don’t feel like they go together

Gendered ideas about class and sexuality, especially where women and women’s things are assessed and/or sexualized according to class markers — what’s been written on this and where do I find it?

2 responses to “dirty trashy prude

  • Klaaraa

    Okay so point 1 and 2 are classic examples of how sex workers are always negatively associated with a specific presentation, but I do not think 4 is closely related to that. Words mean things, and words describing professions and jobs mean more to the people working those jobs than they do to outsiders.

    Like, if I get the apprenticeship I am hoping for, I will eventually become a Chem Lab Technician, and I am already slightly offended and prone to correct, if people think that is the same as a Chem Lab Assistant, because A) in my country, the way to become a Chem Lab Technician is a three-year apprenticeship in the workplace, while for Chem Lab Assistant, it is two-year schooling; B)The material we learn in those two different training programs is qualitatively different, though with some overlap; C)A Technician may or may not earn more money than an Assistant, but they can theoretically one day become the Assistant’s Boss without further training, but not the other way around.

    In the Firefly Universe, the professions of Companion and Brothel Whore are qualitatively different, regarding the kind of services they provide and the relationship they have with their clients and to money, and Inara knows a lot more about those differences than uneducated-people-who-disapprove-of-all-sex-work-equally do, so of course she would correct him. Also, if I remember correctly, Nandy’s people self-identify as Whores…

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