Of good ace fairies and bad aces fairies


Based on some recent conversations.


11 responses to “Of good ace fairies and bad aces fairies

  • Klaaraa

    no it’s not. because applying logic to one’s own arguments, and Holding People of different identity Groups to the same standards is a Thing that not all People do.

  • luvtheheaven

    Honestly I don’t think I really understand what you were going for here with the fairies comic you’ve created, or for that matter what thing you were implicitly drawing a comparison to. I feel like I should get it, but unfortunately I don’t. I’m sorry!

    The start of this comic is about shipping a gay male character with a character of a gender they’re not canonically attracted to which is a complicated conversation, in my opinion? I’ve only seen a few conversations about this kind of thing and they usually are a little nuanced. There is a difference between erasing the canonical orientation of one of the few canonical pieces of representation gay men get by “making him straight” and being a homophobic person who does not accept anyone as actually gay, vs. the more complex thing that might be “re-imagining a gay man as something else” for a number of reasons, including wanting more male bi representation, wanting to explore gender roles, wanting to explore why someone like him couldn’t potentially be straight while not coming from a place of homophobia… We’re playing with fiction here if we’re talking about fanfiction, so things can get murky fairly fast, as it’s not an actual person who is at the heart of the discussion.

    A male gay person not being attracted to women matters, but whatever it means to be discriminated against for who one is not attracted to, and I do think there are plenty of contexts where that (unfortunately) happens, well… I feel like this kind of “fandom” scenario is NOT actually one of those contexts??

  • epochryphal

    ooohhhhhhhh yes okay yeah

    ok the first time i read it i was like Yeah! I agree! and then the second time i was like wait…i don’t…. what side/point is this for,

    but oh fuckin’ boy yeah.

    (tho mmmmmhm all the above points and, what’s canon, and what about vari-oriented, and plbbbb “m/f ship” doesn’t mean anybody’s straight or even not-gay rly mmmmm)

    • luvtheheaven

      I had to Google vari-oriented and remind myself of what it meant because I was completely blanking about that term… But YES totally, very good point. I’d quite likely enjoy fanfiction about letting a canonically gay male character in fact being vari-oriented and not as easy to classify.

      And also yes “m/f ship” alone doesn’t really tell us much about the fanwork.

      For instance, I have been drawn to internalized homophobia subplots where a gay man is with a woman because I too relate to, well, “trying to be straight/wishing I was straight/being in denial about being non-straight” even if for me I was ace all along and not gay. I’ve read canon-based great fanfiction about Will/Layla from Nashville and Karofsky/Santana from Glee and neither of those m/f “ships” were really “shipping” them together, but they were the main pairing in the fanwork. Will, and Karofsky were still treated as gay in the fanfiction narrative.

      So I guess I’m sensitive to this post because I’m not sure what we’re actually talking about here but it can at times be very personal for me and the way I do fandom.

      I agree that anyone who says “heteronormativity doesn’t hurt aces” is WRONG, but of all the ways to make that point… idk… this comic gives me complex feels and more than that just continues to feel confusing. I don’t just simply agree with it, even if I wish I could.

    • Coyote

      Didn’t expect the first panel to get so much exclusive attention.

      For the record, if it matters, the inspiration for that panel was Dorian x F!Inquisitor.

      • epochryphal

        oh! that is good context actually mm. especially given how explicitly dorian’s whole arc is about…not going to be able to ever be with a woman and satisfy family/culture.

        like i could still maybe see, delicately handled, still never gonna pass as straight / sire an heir, kinda thing. but. tough. especially with a player-character whoooo will differ from person to person so the dynamic is extra unknown.

        god i have feelings.

        • Coyote

          Oh. Other inspiration: people who ship Pearl with MA YOR DEW EY.

          • epochryphal

            hahahahaha yeah, that one is…..especially….weird

            shipping dirk/roxy (and other oh-so-evil dirk/fem ships) is…complicated, god. especially rox since he outright says he wishes he “could be that for her, but can’t. gotta be true to myself.” (but also, doesn’t like the word gay, and that gets interpreted in Various Ways.)

            but man when you bring in pale romance and actually treat it as *romance* (or qp) rather than bestieeees, it gets complicated. i’ve seen it done horribly and i’ve seen it done beautifully, and i want more of the pretty pretty (stuff that’s hard to label! homo but demi-hetrom or some shit, also nb and trans headcanons), and less of the blanket condemnation witchhunt

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