Reminder: Submission Deadline

call for submissions

Reminder to submit a reflection piece to the Aces in the Church zine by August 15, 2016!

You can find all the criteria, rules, and premise details at the original call for submissions.  Send in your contributions either by email (theacetheist @ or through my askbox!  Be sure and check the call for submissions post if you’re not sure whether you’re invited to participate.

The reasoning behind the zine, as I explained before:

Too often, non-aces will speculate about what it’s like to be ace under the gaze of one of the most politically powerful religious groups to date, making assumptions about what we do or don’t face, without asking those of us who have the relevant experience.  This zine, “Aces in the Church,” is intended to be a compilation of ace experiences with & within Christianity, to bring our stories together into one place and close the door on any need for speculation.

I’ve already received a diversity of responses, and I’d love to see more!


3 responses to “Reminder: Submission Deadline

  • Libris

    I am noting that I definitely do want to submit to this, but also everything kind of went to hell over the past month+ or so, so… I will keep trying, but I don’t know if I will manage to be coherent/logical/etc in time. (Letting you know because your original post said to tell you if anyone thought they would have trouble with deadlines, etc.)

    • Coyote

      Yes, absolutely, thank you for telling me. I hope change comes soon. <3 If you need a few more weeks, that's fine too. I don't plan to publish it the same date as the soft deadline anyway. Keep in contact with me if you change your mind and decide to bow out of this one, yeah? Otherwise I'll assume you need more time until I hear from you again.

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