So I if I were, say, informally compiling a list of questions to ask, to direct at the folks expressing an opinion on who it’s appropriate for aces to tell they’re ace (re: “only your partner” business)… hypothetically, how would I make sure that any of them come across it?  (I’m just kinda assuming that people with that opinion aren’t following this blog already)


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  • K

    well you could make sure it’s tagged “ace discourse” when you cross post it to tumblr and that should ensure a sizable number of people on both sides of the debate see it. or if there are specific people you want to see it you could tag them in the post I guess.

    • Coyote

      I haven’t kept track of specific people saying these things. Not sure I’d want to…

      Anyway, that’s the tag name, then? Wasn’t sure if there might be others.

  • epochryphal

    okay, i checked #actuallyasexual and hooooooly wow it’s. flooded with. too many people to block. but i sorted by most recent and paged down as much as i could stand and didn’t see your post. i believe it takes two weeks before a new blog shows up in the tags

    also yeahhhh #ace discourse, and probably #sga discourse, when relevant, blegh. #actuallyacespectrum never got much use… hm, i wonder what the ask blogs use and what vesper uses. the asexual agenda doesn’t use tags other than for internal sorting

  • luvtheheaven

    I tried looking at the #aromantic tag on tumblr recently and pretty much 75% of it was hurtful hate. #asexuality is similar. Pretty much you can’t miss the bullies, they will find you as long as your post is tagged at all. “Aro ace” I think might be popular too, both separate “aro” and “ace” and together.

  • embodiedinlanguage

    Yeah, tag it pretty much ANY common ace-related tag and they will find it. I still get posts showing up on mobile from tags I used to follow and I’ve had to unfollow them because I keep getting various horribly offensive anti-ace/anti-aro screeds.

  • Vesper

    tags aren’t the main thing that will get your post seen be ‘discoursers’, imho, but they certainly help. since the main ones have already said, i just want to point out when it comes to searches on Tumblr, only the first 5 tags on a post get picked up by Tumblr. (also, for future reference, there is a total limit of 30 tags and only the first 20 tags are searchable on your own blog.) just make sure that you limit the tags that you want Tumblr to pick up on to the first 5 (or, conversely, make the ones that you don’t want Tumblr to pick up the 6th or later tag) and you’re golden.

    the main thing, imho, that will get your post seen by ‘discoursers’ is what makes Tumblr Tumblr, ie. reblogs. once one big(gish) ‘discourser’ reblogs your post, it will be brought to the attention of others and then things just tumble on from there. alternatively, if an LGBT or ace blog with a large following reblogs a post, the same thing will happen and it’ll probably still catch the eye(s) of your target audience.

  • Klaaraa

    What is it you want to do? Question-responses to People who prescriptvist-ly tell aces who they should and should not come out to? Is that really a Thing that happens often enough to warrant spreading a list-of-reasons-not-to?
    I have only heard of that once, in 2+ years of reading ace stuff…

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