the superpower I didn’t know I had

The other day I was talking with a friend and someone else about this event that’ll be going on out in the desert this summer, and they let slip that a lot of people at that event like to walk around naked, since they’re “away from society’s rules” and whatever.

So I said I could never go to an event like that, then, because I really dislike seeing naked people.

And my friend looks at me and jokes, “You could just take off your glasses.”

Ah, yes.  My own personal censorship program.  Thanks.

3 responses to “the superpower I didn’t know I had

  • Klaaraa

    That reminds me way too much of that Thing on Buffy, where someone was snogging and being intimate with someone else, in a way that was supposed to be gross, and Giles is wiping his glasses, and Buffy is like “is that why you are always cleaning your glasses? So you don’t have to see what we’re doing?” “Don’t tell anyone” …

  • Hezekiah the (meta)pianycist

    In order for taking off glasses to be effective for me to avoid seeing something in the vicinity, I’d need to have much worse eyesight.

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