A: saw an ad for a interesting-looking horror movie, cool, great.  Go looking for reviews to see what the critics are saying b/c I want to know if they wasted all their good footage in the trailer.  Reading a review >>> “The core romantic relationship (Teresa Palmer and Alexander DiPersia) is warm and affectionate right the bat, so we have an immediate interest in Rebecca and Bret’s happiness.”


This is especially weird b/c when the trailer started with a man and a woman being a lovey-dovey couple I was grating my teeth and waiting for the “skip this ad” button to appear.  It was the ominous music that kept me interested, so just…. ???

B: somehow me making a joke about strange last names is harnessed for coworker to say something about “When you do start dating….”  What.  Why are you doing that again.  Quit making assumptions.


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