Vesper’s been writing Things that make me want to write Things but I’m kinda scared & also my thoughts are disorganized.

One of the Things is a summary/rephrasing/discussion of a consent model post by someone else… which I’m ambivalent about referencing because then I’d be expected to link it, and it’s kind of weird if I don’t — but the original post has… stuff that I’m not even sure how to word the trigger warnings for.  ‘Cause I feel like those are less effective when they’re too vague for you to know what kind of stuff you’re in for, if that makes sense.  So I dunno how to handle that.  When you’re too vague, people just get curious, you know?  And I don’t want that to become a distraction.

The other of the Things is a personal story but oh God I don’t know how to prepare for the emotional fallout.

3 responses to “x

  • Vesper

    …yeah, the Thing(s) is really hard to talk about. it’s only now when i’m apathetic as fuck that i word vomit into the internet without caring so much about the repercussions of it because i just want to think aloud and Storytime.

  • queenieofaces

    (If it helps, remember you can always write things and then put them away until you feel ready to release them, if you ever feel ready to release them. I wrote “Here goes everything” over the course of two years–I started writing, realized I wasn’t ready for people to read it, and then just sort of…kept working on it whenever I felt the need to say something.)

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