aces against healthism

[cw: medical talk, genitals talk]

Still been kicking around in Photoshop, practicing this “making text/image combinations that are tolerable to look at” thing.  Today’s latest endeavor in honor of Smrf’s (kinkyasexuals) patronizing & bad medical advice…

you don't have to

I figure it’s a good thing I didn’t make this image pretty enough to spread far, because then I’d risk getting comments that I’m encouraging dangerous ideas or something, probably.

Fight me.

3 responses to “aces against healthism

  • paminam

    The problem, as I see it, in not taking screening tests , is that when things ‘go wrong’, the rest of society picks up the pieces, as in funding the medical care etc.

    • Coyote

      Wow, that took less than twenty four hours. New record for this blog.

      No, that is not “the problem.” That is not disuassive.

    • epochryphal

      right, so, the cost of invasive ~preventative~ medical care, which is increasingly required by employers in order to receive an insurance “discount” after verifying for them that you’re in Good Health TM (and declining is viewed as suspect and reason to distrust you), and is thus hella coercive on top of the already heavily-slanted medical spiel about more tests and exams and let’s schedule this (rarely ever mentioning research or studies as to the possible harms of testing too often, or how benefits are unproven, or just how low/high the risks of not screening might be so as to make an informed and balanced decision),

      that’s just, totally justified, by some sort of indirect “this burdens the taxpayers” trump card that supercedes bodily autonomy and right to privacy and to Not Give Medical Consent (which is a fundamental part of consent — you have to have the option to say no without bein punished for it, or it’s definitionally not consensual)

      right yeah my bad.

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