cheat code

[cw: contentious ace stuff, Christian dialect (sin talk) ]

Anyway lol the definition of “oppression” is too tangled and fought-over for me to want to engage with b/c it always becomes a distraction from the actual things I want to talk about, “prejudice” is too weak, “bias” is a laugh, “hate” and “vitriol” aren’t always applicable, and I hate the phobia suffix for things that aren’t phobias — so, you know what?  *throws up hands*  I’m just gonna cheat on this.  It’s all sin.  Anti-gay sin.  Anti-bi sin.  Anti-ace sin.  Bam.  There you go.


3 responses to “cheat code

  • Klaaraa

    No. Sin is when People do something even though they know it is wrong, because they want to. Some people who hurt gay people or ace people or bi people are not Aware that it is wrong (because of systemic things), or think they are doing God’s work.

    Whatever happened to [whatever]antagonism? I thought someone suggested that Ages ago, and it sounds all right if the whatever is one syllable of the particular type of syllable like in queerantoagonism…

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