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Substantive discussions, huh?

Yeah, those would be nice to have.  For example, how about a substantive discussion about your habitual practice of giving bad advice to vulnerable people?

Like making authoritative claims about what medical decisions everyone with a cervix should make?  Regardless of financial status, sexual and medical trauma, sex repulsion, body dysphoria, the list goes on…

Or like recommending kink-curious aces join Fetlife?  Without mentioning — at all — the site security issues, the official policy of protecting abusers from being named, or any kind of warning for anyone who might want to prepare for constant risk of porn across the whole site

Or maybe your dubious understanding of the human learning process?

I for one would love to have some substantive discussions!


17 responses to “substantive

  • Vesper

    …mmm, yeah. critical discussion of words that we use and things that we say, especially when ‘we’ is actually ‘me’ because you’ve been called out for something, often isn’t included among the discussions that a person wants to have, eh?

    i don’t follow either of the blogs of the person in question, so the problematic advice given or statements being made don’t tend to reach me. that said, i have/had seen the posts that you have made in response, just hadn’t clicked through the links to the sources in them or have forgotten if i had because advice blogs im general on tumblr often annoy me, so i believe what you say without seeing who said it.

    but anyway, yeah. exasperating, eh? they also rehashed the idea that i spent half of the post they were responding to negating, which i thought odd.

  • Siggy

    I have feelings about the way TAA is cited as a source of more substantive discussion. First, I think this short-sells people who wade into “the discourse”, as if that doesn’t count as real substance. “The discourse” is definitely an important phenomenon that should be tracked and countered as an incipient hate movement. Second, the reason TAA doesn’t cover “the discourse” is not by design, it’s by accident. Speaking for myself, I cannot cover it because it would require research to even find it. This thing that people on tumblr feel is impossible to get away from, I literally do not see it because I don’t follow the same things they do.

    Full disclosure: the mod of kinkyaces is a contributor to TAA.

    • Coyote

      I’m still stuck on “why are people calling it that?”

      • Siggy

        IMHO “The Discourse” is an ok name. Maybe it sounds a bit to generic. And the fact that people made a new name for it makes it sound like a new trend, rather than a continuation of previous ones. But it’s adequate.

        • Coyote

          Too generic yes. That’s like calling it… the words. Or the messages. It’d be more descriptive to even call it the fight.

        • Vesper

          it’s confusing as all hell. people blanketly use ‘the discourse’ to refer to multiple things going on within the community at the same time. it’s also confusing for those of us involved in multiple communities at the same time, each with their own discussions going on. someone says “hey, did you see the discourse going on in that one post?” and i’m just like “what post and why are you acting like there’s only one discourse going on right now when i can point to several?”

      • Sennkestra

        I’m just not a fan of ‘discourse’ just because depending on the person and the point in time, “the discourse” can refer to either [the things that ace communities say] or [negative things that non-aces say about ace communities] which are nearly opposites…

        As far as I can tell the evolution of the term was from non-aces saying things like “ace discourse [as in the things ace communities say] is bad because x” , so then aces would say something like “all these discourse arguments are bad”; then the people arguing became “discoursers”; then any critics of asexuality also got lumped into “discoursers”, and then literally anything said by “discoursers” became “discourse”.

        So “discourse” went from meaning “ace community discourse” to meaning “the discourse around ace community discourse”

        Basically, discourse discourse is hella confusing. (and after having typed it so many times in one post it doesn’t even look like a real word anymore)

    • Sciatrix

      It’s also maybe worth noting that TAA involves several people who cannot cope with the Discourse thing at this point, either out of boredom or for mental health reasons. (I’m one of them. I can’t immerse myself in that crap any more, not if I want to get other things done.) So that’s probably another reason it doesn’t crop up there very much.

    • Vesper

      …have i missed where TAA is being cited as a source for more substantive discussion…?

      because i recommended TAA specifically because it’s a place with substantive discussion without ‘the discourse’ and thus serves as a safe place for someone to escape said ‘discourse.’ i never compared the content found on TAA to anything anywhere else but an idea that i had in my head.

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