nb x nb

[cw: not hellenist friendly]

ugh I hope this doesn’t catch on; I don’t want any love I share with a nonbinary person to be described in terms of a GREEK GOD.

I HATE the Greek gods I HATE Greek mythology I HATE I HATE.  I know Christians in general are expected to have negative opinions about all non-Christian gods but just like these six fish I haaaaaate the Greek pantheon in particular.

That said, yeah, I think that technically, any NB person is dionysian, because their relationships are all inherently dionysian!” uuuuUUUUGGGHHHHHHHH get this OUT OF HERE.

It’s hard enough being gender-questioning without the nonbinary community being so alienating.

10 responses to “nb x nb

  • Vesper

    *adds another tic to the board for reasons why dionysian is problematic*

    ain’t gonna lie, though. as someone who doesn’t feel any particular kind of way about greek mythology, i find your reaction interesting. the blanket application/usage of dionysian in the second link that you provided is something that i find problematic and offensive as well.

    i have no attachment to the word dionysian or any of the other linked proposed substitutions. frankly, i don’t especially care what word is used, i just want there to be a word for what’s trying to be described. preferably one that isn’t offensive, problematic or alienating, of course.

    you mention the non-binary community being alienating. i’m certain that it’s not just this string of threads that you’re referring to when you talk of an entire community being alienating. i’m curious what other things you find alienating in the non-binary community.

    • Coyote

      I’m with you on the concept. It’s just a shame that the first time I’ve seen anyone put a name to it had to be this.

      Oh, uh, that’s more of a… personal vibe than an official indictment. Dunno how to put my finger on most of it. This is the first time I’ve actually objected to something specific, tbh. Please don’t take this as a poor reflection on you!

      • Vesper

        it is a shame, but i’m (uncharacteristically) hopeful that positive things will come out of conversations like the ones in the linked thread. eventually. the non-binary community (on Tumblr) has only just started to discuss intracommunity issues and the need for words to convey things specific to our experiences. i’m hopeful that in time there’ll be more critical discussions / conversations about these things as can be found in in the ace community (for better and for worse).

        also no worries. i really was just curious and knew your feelings had nothing to do with me. i know what it’s like to feel alienated by a community that you want to / do / used to feel a connection to, so…

  • embodiedinlanguage

    Boy, people really seem to like using Greek for everything… I’m not particularly affected by this one way or another, seeing as my attraction patterns aren’t particularly gendered, but it does seem odd to me to choose a) a god, and b) one who is really much more strongly associated with other things? And yeah, telling other people what to call themselves (even “technically”) is gross. Sorry it’s been so particularly upsetting for you. :( Given the way things go on Tumblr, this could easily disappear into the ether…

  • Calum P Cameron

    Huh. That’s legitimately the single strongest anti Greek god stance I’ve ever witnessed. Not that that’s an accolade I keep track of.

    I’m super into Greek mythology, personally (in the sense of it being an interest rather than a religion of mine; I’d certainly hate the idea of any of it being TRUE, but that goes for a lot of otherwise-cool ideas). Many of my favourite mythological deities are from the Greek pantheon. There are plenty of Greek deities I’d be totally cool being compared to. But I’ll admit that even if I were nonbinary, Dionysus wouldn’t be one of them. Partially because the word already has other connotations I’m more familiar with, but also just because Dionysus is quite possibly the single most monstrous god in that particular pantheon (I mean, it’s tough to pick a winner, but most of the rest of them seem to need some kind of REASON before they’ll tear a person apart in a frenzy of rage and insatiable destruction-lust, so I tend to tentatively give the prize to Mr Sparagmos over here).

    Not my problem, of course, and not my place to make suggestions.

  • elainexe

    I’ve had this feeling, from the terminology used by that uh….ARC blog, I forget its name already I unfollowed a while ago. I think it was Eris they used for some kind of either changing or mixed feelings on sexual activity. And I just. It’s like, no one takes Greek stuff seriously. Like it’s some fun neutral thing like oh, no one believes in these things so it’s just something you can use like fictional characters. Which is insulting to Hellenistic pagans (and other polytheists I’m sure), and to those of us who do take it seriously, as monotheists, to not get involved with entities that some people, dead and living, consider as gods? Ugh I find it frustrating.

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