I keep wanting to write a post of tips and strategies for arguing with people (with specific ideas I want to share) but I keep struggling to come up with an introduction/excuse for writing it that isn’t pretentious and condescending.


4 responses to “*

  • Siggy

    What a coincidence, I have a post about argument strategy scheduled next on my blog. My introduction just says, “here are some principles I’ve found useful.”

  • Klaaraa

    It’s not like you haven’t introduced things like that (list of rules or tips) rather abruptly, in the past.
    Also, “While this is not meant to be condescending or in direct criticism of [Abstract/generalizing summary of occasions where someone did things that you think should have been done differently], I think it could be useful to share this longish writing that I have been mulling over for months…”, might work

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