my. friendly. coworker.

She was talking to me today about topics for her new blog, brainstroming questions to ask people.

“Are these questions like for a poll or for an interview?”

“It’s for a blog.  You know what a blog is, right?”


She tells me she’s changing directions from what she used to write about, broadening her subjects to three main things: the local job market, “inspiration,” and dating and relationships.  She acknowledges that I may not have much experience with the first one, being that I’m just out of college, but — she looks at me, and with *such dead certainty*, she says, “I mean, you– I know you’ve dated.”

So I try to keep a very plain tone of voice as I’m put on the spot to reply, “I haven’t, actually.  I know that’s weird.”

Which had me immediately thinking, now she’s going to want to know why.  She may not ask, because she’s nice, but the moment you fess up to something like that people are going to want to know why.

It was an awkward expectation to have to confront, but!  I’m glad this was just a totally abnormal crazy random happenstance and that no other aces have similar stories of their dating history becoming salient in casual relationships like with acquaintance coworkers!  So glad this is the Only and the Worst of how I’ve been affected in my daily life in regards to romantic and sexual issues (lol)!  So glad that people who assume these kinds of things are completely rare and unheard of!  What a relief that this is definitely the *only* time that my orientation has impacted my interactions with someone I’m not dating!  And anyway how dare I even describe mundane and minor events in my life such as this because as we know, as long as I’m not presently in the process of being physically assailed, nothing that happens is worth acknowleding!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaa and I’m sure I have no reason for this post to turn so suddenly bitter because no one ever tries to gaslight aces at large about these exact things!  That never happens either!


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