propositions for community organizing

Inspired by a conversation I had recently…

Here is a short list of things we need people to do more than create yet another circulatory ace tumblr, advice blog, or whimsical asexuality 101 infographic:

  • facilitate transportation services for unmarried elderly people without nearby supportive family
  • start a small cafe, bakery, dry bar, bookshop, or other hangout to serve as a nonalcoholic, nonsexualized community space, potentially catered to aces
  • organize material resources for aces in need of housing
  • create and publicize a list or database of LGBT+ youth shelters that say they’ll accept disowned ace youth
  • gather detailed, credible advice on surviving abusive parents and homelessness and include it as part of the standard parcel of “ace resources”
  • volunteer for The List or another RFAS project
  • pool money for ace survivors’ STI testing, rape kits, hospital bills, etc.
  • draft a curriculum for educating health providers on competent care for asexual patients, either in the form of a standalone series of lectures or in a form that can be adapted to be included in an existing training program
  • write a thorough ace-targeted guide to the technicalities of the legal adoption process in the absence of marriage, by singles or jointly by nonromantic/qp partners
  • organize an asexual umbrella co-op???
  • or anything, really, anything

5 responses to “propositions for community organizing

  • queenieofaces

    Some more:
    – train DV/SV crisis lines to handle ace callers
    – train DV/SV shelters to process aces
    – train gynecologists to give ace-competent health care–especially to ace survivors and trans aces
    – train crisis counselors and therapists to give ace-competent treatment
    – write a guide for aces who are having to go through the immigration process
    – collaborate with other LGBT+ organizations that are interested in adding ace spec support to their services (there are a lot of these, in my experience!)
    – create more resources for LGBT aces, especially 101 targeted resources

    • Sciatrix

      – write a guide for aces who are having to go through the immigration process

      *wince* One day I’m going to do that, I swear…. gah. Although immigration is also one of those places where everything is super fraught based on race and class and country of origin, which makes everything a little more complicated–and I’m not entirely sure I could do justice to everyone.

      that said, I really really wish immigration sponsoring for non-blood-related family was easier and that it didn’t just prioritize one close relationship. guh.

  • but speaking of which | The Ace Theist

    […] [hypothetical examples of what I mean] […]

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