Basic Resources for Ace Advice Blogs

If I had my way (and 1000x more brainpower), I’d have helped put together a log far more extensive than this, but for now… recent events have pushed my “something’s better than nothing” sentiment to outpace my perfectionism.  So here’s a very minimal sampling thrown together to meet that “better than nothing” threshold: links, resources, and recommended reading for anyone heading an asexuality-themed blog.

How to use this list:

  1. Skim the text below.  You’re not expected to read everything and follow every link trail, but if something doesn’t look familiar, pursue it.
  2. If you don’t recognize any of the links in one of the categories below, pick at least one to check out.
  3. Definitely click at least three links in the last category.
  4. Bookmark this post to refer back to whenever you get a new question that describes something you don’t relate to or calls for expertise beyond your personal experience.
  5. Link, spread, and share with other ace advice bloggers!

Readers, as always, feel free to add more recs in the comments.  I’m not trying to make a masterpost of all ace-related pages on the internet here, but the best fits would be main/general ace-targeted info, advice for advice blogs, and established sites you’d expect a well-equipped ace blog mod to be aware of.



Race and Nationality

Sexual Violence

Advice Blogs and Ace Education


For more topics, check out the past roundups from the Carnival of Aces.

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