in lighter news

Recently someone asked “Are you two dating?” because I was cuddling my new friend at the game table.


4 responses to “in lighter news

  • luvtheheaven

    You have a typo in the title of this post. ;)

    So when you say cuddling, at “the game table”, I’m guessing maybe you mean a (relatively) large group of people were playing a game around a table and you and a friend were like, sitting in the same chair? I’m trying to picture what “cuddling” means in this context, kind of. Cuddling sort of means a lot of different things to different people, or even the same person can define the word multiple different ways depending on the circumstance, I think.

    Thanks for sharing this tidbit from your life. I guess since you call this “lighter news”, you enjoyed, on some level, being asked this?

  • late night religion adventures | The Ace Theist

    […] sat in one corner.  Beside me sat Cute Trans Friend (who you may remember from this story and this story).  I’ll call her the Engineer, because she’s the only engineer.  […]

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