Reddit informs me that “outrage culture” is apparently a term that some people are using, with enough popularity to be in the name of a subreddit, whatever much that’s worth.

You’d think my main question would be “why is this specific page in my referrers when there’s not a link to my blog anywhere on this specific page” but actually, the main thing I’m wondering is… if there’s a subreddit dedicated to “outrage culture” — does that mean someone is having a strongly negative reaction to outrage culture?

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  • Sennkestra

    Not sure if this is the same as the reddit page (knowing reddit, likely not), but i’ve heard phrases like “outrage culture” (less common) and “outrage porn” (more commonly) to refer to the internet trend of sharing examples of social transgressions not in order to actually do anything productive, but because people enjoy being outraged at things together, especially showing off how righteously outraged they are. It often comes up as a periphery to discussions about callout culture – like, when talking about how people will take ignorant comments from some small time blog or facebook page and gleefully spread them around like wildfire, posting to all their friends about ignorant/offensive this person is [and oh look how enlightened we are in comparison] – often regardless of whether the person may have already been corrected acknowledged that they shouldn’t have said that over and over and over.

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